Curiculum Vitae
Patrick van der Linden majored in choir and orchestra mastering and Theory of Music at the Rotterdam conservatorium and the IDE Academy and obtained his diploma’s cum laude. Van der Linden is the founder and artistic leader of the Ars Musica Foundation. In that capacity, he is chief-conductor of the Ars Musica Orchestra, Concertchoir and Chamberchoir. Chamberchoir Ars Musica made its name as a professional ensemble under his supervision with exciting programmings and the co-operation concept Master and Pupil, in which talented amateur singers are coached by professionals. Since november 2013, the chamber choir, under the supervision of Van der Linden, is presenting a new artistic long-term initiative under the name BACH AAN HET WOORD (BACH SPEAKING).

The Ars Musica Orchestra is one of the youngest professional ensembles in the country. Under the baton of Van der Linden the orchestra played the worldpremière of the Intrada “Ikazia” from Arie J. Keijzer. In may 2014 Patrick van der Linden was artistic leader of the Bachfestival Oudewater. During the final concert the Concertchoir Ars Musica was one of the guests. In march 2016, the performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion by the Ars Musica Concertchoir and Orchestra was broadcasted in an exciting and spectacular TV-registration on dutch public television (NPO2, Evangelische Omroep).

Besides his work at Ars Musica Van der Linden is the conductor of the Vocal Ensemble Canticum Amicorum and the Zeeuws Vocal Ensemble, two chamberchoirs with a high level of performance. Furthermore he is conductor of Merwe’s Oratorium Vereniging and Toonkunst Wageningen. Under his supervision, these ensembles experienced an enormous growth, as a result of which they now perform major classical works such as Bach’s Passions and the Hohe Messe at the highest level, as well as demanding (more) contemporary repertoire of composers such as Britten, Poulenc, Martin, Pärt, Vasks, Jurriaan Andriessen, et cetera. High-quality performances of Bach’s Hohe Messe and Le Roi David by Arthur Honegger, among others, were unanimously praised by the press and the public.

Van der Linden’s concert programmes are characterised by much coherence, surprising connections and a broad spectrum of music styles. In addition to his partiality for Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, he is considered as an expert of the historical performancepractice of the nineteenth century and focusses much attention on music from the 20th and 21st century. He performs premieres of Daan Manneke, Geerten Liefting, the Polish composer Grzegorz Miskiewicz and the Philippian composer Alejandro de Consolacion, among others.

Patrick van der Linden is professor at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He is a highly respected coach of conducting courses and regularly looks after concert introductions.